Design-Assist is a project delivery method in which the DLHC team is engaged by the owner to collaborate with the architect or engineer during the design phase. Though the client will have two separate agreements with DL Harkins Construction and the Architectural Firm, the Design-Assist method is intended to reduce the cost and time for construction, improve constructability and add value. Design-Assist promotes teamwork, collaboration, forward thinking and early planning.

Similar to the Design-Build delivery method, any suggestions or concerns that our construction team might have are addressed early in the process. This helps tremendously as opposed to addressing concerns that arise at a point in the process when it might be difficult, and very expensive to offer solutions. Design-Assist is a growing trend toward heightened collaboration between the DLHC pre-construction and construction team, engineering and architect/design firm. By nature, it reduces the cost and time for construction, improves constructability and increases value.